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Down The Rabbit Hole and Through the Looking Glass

Where things just become so curious and peculiar!

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Name:♕ Alice Pleasance Liddell (Book) ♛
Birthdate:May 4

Alice Pleasance Liddell

My name is Alice Liddell. It is quite lovely to meet you!

I'm seven years old
My birthday is May 4th.

I'm exactically 118 CM (3'8") tall!
I have bright blue eyes~!
I also have blonde hair.

I quite enjoy:

Baking for I think it is wonderfully fun and I adore trying new recipes! I enjoy cooking as well!
I’m terribly fond of chess and I do adore a good game! Perhaps you and I can play sometime!
There is no one more skilled than I when it comes to making flower chains and crowns!
My sister tells me I shouldn’t nap outside but goodness! What harm could that bring?
I simply adore playing games with friends, but who doesn’t? Most curiously mean people I suppose. But I think they just haven’t found the right game.
Every proper lady can recite poetry and rhymes… although… I’m afraid I’m still learning them and I get so terribly confused by them all.
I adore riddles, though some can be quite hard! I know a few too! But I won’t ask you why a raven is like a writing desk. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer either!
I’m terribly fond of tea and tea parties. I hope to have one with you! Please promise me I will actually get a drop?
And last by most certainly not least, I'm very fond of stories about distant places.

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♥ Feed Dinah and her kittens.
♥ Share a riddle with Cheshire
♥ Have tea with Mr. Hatter and Mr. Hare
♥ Play croquet with the Queen and King of Hearts.

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