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Empatheias Mailbox

INBOX Message / Voice / Image / Action "Hello, this is Alice! I'm terribly sorry but I'm afraid you just missed me. Please leave your message and I'll be as quick as a bunny to get back to you!" code credit
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[Action - Saturday July 1st]

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[Alice would find a small package covered with a cloth near the door of the place she was currently staying. Inside was a small basket with a few tasty treats inside.

There's also a riddle: What kind of room has no doors or windows?]
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07/08; action (night, near lake niras)

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[ Finding fireflies is the mission tonight, which for the young curious Alice won't actually be a difficult thing, if it was any any fireflies. Go to where Lake Niras connects close to the forest by the city, and along there at night, one will find the darkness give away to a dotting of little lights floating there.

Except these ones are yellow, emerald, and pink, not the ones she'll be needing if she's interested in completing the task offered on the Verens task board. ...And it seems that someone else is here tonight with them, the pink and emerald glowing ones in particular lazing about in the air around him.

There's also a rather glowing dog-thing beside his legs, acting like a light and watching the tiny critters quietly. The flies don't stir much to sounds, but those long ears easily catch any approaching sounds, the creature's head turning with Red's following suit. He looks surprised, but just for a second before the look relaxes, and he nods his head to their new company. ]

Hey -- you're here for the blue ones?
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[ The light covering Jolteon's body, illuminating his fur much like a light does inside a bulb, flickers and dims as she comes near; he'd like to say hello, nose lifting in the direction of her hand, but he's hesitant, not coming close. It's for a good reason-- with that hand in his direction, Alice would have felt a heat coming from him, quite like an active lightbulb.

And touching those are never a good idea.

Poor Jolteon. No hand sniffing for him. Red flashes a smile at the girl, chuckling quietly and nodding her head to her. ]
Sure! Well...I-- I mean, we just came to look at them. But we haven't seen the ones you need. We're just finding these guys! But they're pretty nice anyway, huh?

[ He looks over to the bumbling little guys. Yeah, they're an alright sight to him. ]
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[ Well, isn't that a sight? Red's surprised to see those colours gather as if they had always been around, but it's nice--it means the girl is enjoying herself, and he can't feel bad about that. ]

It's not a fire. It's...something else. [ Would 'chemical' be the right word? He thinks about it, but he hadn't spruced up on his knowledge of the things, so he'll just avoid getting too deep into it. ] Something in them makes them glow like that. But they're like the specks you see when you have a big fire, right? So that must've been where the name came from.

But it looks like you've made friends with them quick! [ He's keeping his voice soft as he speaks. ] You got the popular ones to show up.
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C... a... t...?

[ Forget about if the fireflies know how to spell or not, here Red is perplexed, repeating the letters back to her as far as he can get them. Even Jolteon is tilting his little head.

Spelling out words in another language from your company may not go so well... ]
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Catch...? Oh, catch them? [ Red, please, don't be so rude in front of the fireflies. But a look around and no, they don't care, and he puts a hand behind his head, scratching it. ]

...Can you catch a few on you? [ He makes a gesture, slow in case his movements might upset the fireflies cosying up to Alice: first like moving an imaginary jar up his arm and then putting a hand over the top... ]

They shouldn't want a lot, so just two or three should be okay. Just be careful you don't squash them!
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It's okay -- you just need to keep feeling the way you are! That's what they're attracted to. If I come over, I might scare them, but you can keep them buzzing around you as long as you don't lose that feeling.

[ Be confident, little girl!! ]
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[ He smiles watching her, deciding to take a tiny step back--probably unnecessary at this point when the fireflies were still rather captivated by the girl. ]

Are you really going to? [ He wasn't in disbelief that she might, but curious, kneeling close to his glowing companion to watch the little scene. ] Do you know what kind of place they're going to?
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(Video - after Sebastian wakes him.)

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(He looks quite contrite and, yes, miserable. The side he showed is difficult to explain, but he will try if she asks.)

Forgive me, Lady Alice. I have no excuse for how I behaved.
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No, this is no trick. I...cannot adequately explain -

(He frowns pensively, touching his eyepatch briefly.)

I have been through much and I have...emotional and physical wounds.
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It wasn't your doing. You did not deserve - (He grits his teeth. She has earned the right to know a little.) I lost my parents, my home brother. They were murdered and sometimes I dream of them.
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Very much. I could not wake from it on my own. (Though he had been cringing within.)

You are kind to say so. I intend to become stronger so that I never fall into my dreams again.
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He did make me very strong tea. (Darjeeling though - not orange. And the tea was only part of the equation. She doesn't need to know how...convincing...Sebastian can be.)

More clever? What do you mean?
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I wish it were so easy to identify. (It doesn't help matters that he has to pretend to be his brother 24/7/365.)

Sebastian will ensure I come back to myself. He is aware of my past; of everything.