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Alice Liddell
Player: PLAYER
Canon: Alice in Wonderland (books)
Canon Point: After Checkmating the Red Queen
Alignment: Daimonia
Date of Entry: 06/08/2017
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Age: Seven
Birthday: May 4th
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 118 CM (3'8")
Amulet: Link
Appearance: Link
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Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Imagine, if you can, the most curious person you know. Now imagine, for the moment, how much their curiosity gets them in trouble, the adventures they get involved in, the things they discover and uncover, and even the types of people they might meet. Continue to imagine, what might happen if that most curious person was also given an imagination able to create worlds; not just worlds, but people and creatures within it to a fine detail. And that imagination doesn't stop there, oh no, that imagination can also create notions and concepts that can seem quite mad. This most curious and imaginative person might seem a little mad themselves, to be quite honest. Well, all that was just imagined, the curiosity, the imagination, and even the little bit of madness, is in fact all in one person. A child named Alice Pleasance Liddell of Oxford England, to be precise. But there's more, of course, than just a wildly, curiously, and mad imagination to the little seven year old girl.

Alice is a very bright and cheery-natured little girl. She’s always trying to find the silver lining of a situation and could even be called quite the optimist. She tries not to let anything bother her for too long or too much. She will actually berate herself if she gets too upset over something (this will sometimes induce more tears). She will also endeavor to help other people find something positive about a situation since she doesn’t like the idea of people being down-trodden for very long. If she sees that someone is having a hard time, Alice will actually try and help them; be it as simple as making them a cup of tea or helping take care of them. She accepts that being sad or angry is a part of living, going through the actions herself, but she thinks that they are much easier to handle if someone is helping. Alice has a tendency to over-simplify a problem, though, even if it is much more nuanced than she believes it to be, she will offer a simple solution, insisting that adults are over-complicating the matter as adults are so wont to do. However, it will sometimes take people outright telling her she's wrong or her seeing she's wrong for her to admit a solution is more than she initially thought. Alice will do everything she can to make a situation better, over-simplified or not, and help a person if someone is hurt or sick. Depending on how deeply she feels for someone, she may drive herself into exhaustion to either help or take care of another person.

Alice is also very honest, whether she wants to be or not. She tries not to lie to anyone (herself or otherwise), even if the lie would be better to tell. She is not unable to lie per say, but she is quite terrible at lying and she's quickly discovered. She's also quite blunt, as children are wont to be, and sometimes says things that are insensitive because of her honesty. When she knows she shouldn’t say what she’s thinking, she will just remain silent. Alice isn’t only honest in the terms of lying or telling the truth. Her emotions are very honest too.

Everything Alice feels, she feels deeply and enthusiastically. She doesn’t hide what she is feeling though she tries to downplay any sadness she may be feeling simply because she doesn’t wish to trouble anyone with it. She doesn’t want anyone’s good mood to be brought down because of any of her negativity, but she will also honestly tell someone if she is upset should they ask. Alice is also honest in what she thinks of people. If she thinks that what you are doing or saying is nonsense or even stupid, she will say so (although depending on how she feels about you, she will be kinder in telling you about your nonsense). By that same token, if she is very fond of you she will show you how she feels with physical affection. Alice is an incredibly physically affectionate girl for those she cares for and can even be a bit too physical with complete strangers. If she should happen to fight with someone she is close to, she will be mad at first and then endeavor to apologize since she doesn’t enjoy being at odds with those she loves, the same cannot be said for strangers.

Alice won’t let herself get pushed around for very long. She can be bullied to an extent because she generally tries to be polite, however, if she is pushed too far (and it doesn’t take much sometimes), she becomes persnickety and even snarky in her actions and replies. Alice is not afraid to fight verbally fight back and never really tries to "rise above it." She doesn’t care if you’re a king, noble, or some mythical creature, she won’t let herself be intimidated. She will even insult back, although her insults, while creative, are childish in nature. Her full temper may even be brought out if the fight is continuous or she thinks that someone’s stupidity and nonsense is outrageous. If Alice no longer wants to fight or she thinks that something is complete drivel she will walk away and ignore the thing completely. Her temper, while not violent, is easy to pull out of her.

Alice can actually be an outright brat if she’s pushed far enough or she feels something is rather unjust, and she won’t care that she’s a brat until much later (if at all). Generally, she is a sweet girl and doesn’t actually enjoy insulting people or being insulted. Due to her age, Alice has a tendency of being, unintentionally, insensitive or childish. She strives to be polite and courteous, but she may say rude things or catch herself saying something she shouldn't because she knows no better. If informed she's being rude or childish, she will strive to improve but her age does limit her. She's incredibly prone to self-correcting, although there are times her self-correction make her cry. Her tears are often at frustration and less likely to ever be from fear. She can feel quite fearless in certain situations, as any child might, feeling themselves invulnerable to many things. She isn’t even frightened by being harmed since she can be threatened with beheading and not bat an eye at it (though if someone actually moved to strike or harm she would be scared by it, but the threat alone does not scare her). That isn’t to say Alice isn’t scared of anything. She’s actually petrified of the dark and the prospect of someone dear to her getting hurt can terrify her along with a list of other things (extremely large bugs are on said list). On a whole, however, little frightens her.

Perhaps, some of the biggest, if not the biggest, things about Alice is that she is an extremely curious girl and also very imaginative. It is because of her huge imagination and her curiosity that her adventures even take place. She will allow her imagination and curiosity to take full effect and dictate her actions until both are sated. Her curiosity rarely, if ever, takes a side seat to a situation which causes her all the trouble in the first place.

Her curiosity, in fact, can make her reckless to her own body. For example, she will drink a bottle labeled "DRINK ME" or a cake labeled "EAT ME" for the mere curiosity of what it would do to her and if it would possibly help her towards her goals. It is also her curiosity that allows Alice to adapt to a situation and generally go with the flow of everything around her. She has extremely vivid flights of fancy and is fond of games and pretending and is extremely playful. She loves a good game and adores an even better riddle. She's honestly just a little girl who wants to spend time learning as much as she can and having a good time while doing it. While she prefers things like tea parties and group activities, Alice is certainly more than capable of entertaining herself. Unfortunately, said imagination and games can get her into trouble since, as stated, her personal regard for safety will sometimes be overlooked for the sake of satisfying her curiosity and whims.

Alice is also a peculiar mix of extremely naive and yet very logical. She will trust and listen to someone very easily until something presents itself not to trust them and her willingness to trust makes her easy to manipulate since she places full faith in most adults. However, she will also use her logic to make an argument against someone, adult or otherwise. Her logic can cause her to be extremely stubborn, when pressed, it's hard for her to shake her beliefs. Alice may have an interesting mix of logic and naïveté, but overall, she's incredibly clever. She's highly skilled at riddles and chess. Despite being clever, sarcasm can be lost on her, although she is capable of picking up on it, in its extreme usage and using it in turn (though not always successfully). Ultimately her cleverness comes from trying to satiate her curiosity; for things to make sense. Once she understands, her curiosity can be fully sated.

Alice is a little girl with flights of fancy, her curiosity, and her imagination as her strongest points of her personality. She's quite literally known for said curiosity, but as shown, it is not just her curiosity that makes up all of Alice.

  • Alice has no abilities as far as fighting and magical powers go (unless you were to count her vast imagination). However, Alice is quite adept at baking at her age. It wouldn't be anything terribly fancy, but basic sweets, tea, and simple dishes are well within the realm of her capabilities.

  • She can also do some minor sewing and embroidering because it's what a proper lady "should know." She knows fluent French and a little Latin. In general, anything that a young lady would know of her era she either knows or was learning it (or going to learn it).

  • Alice also makes amazing daisy-chains and flower crowns.

  • Well versed in poetry and stories and able to recite them easily.

  • Her BEST ability is that she is extremely talented at riddles and chess, even for her age.

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